July 2020


Updated 23 May 2022


Risk Assessment of Covid-19 


Poste Hotels Ltd

George Hotel of Stamford

71 St Martins High Street





We have taken the time to carefully think about and plan our processes to deliver a safe experience at the George Hotel of Stamford.  This is a living document that will be continuously edited and updated as understanding of the virus improves, and government guidance changes. 



SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus that can invade a host via the respiratory route or via hand to eye / mouth / nose contact, causing the disease COVID-19. 

People who appear healthy may be carrying and shedding the virus, which can be passed on either directly or indirectly to others. This means we need to assume that anyone could be carrying the virus. 


The routes of transmission:

  • Direct contact to face – eyes, nose from droplets or aerosols spraying from an infected person onto another person who is in close contact.
  • Contamination via droplets from sneezing and coughing landing on surfaces and then transferring via hands on to eyes and nose and mouth. Other means of secretions getting on to surfaces could be from infected people touching their eyes, nose and mouth and then touching surfaces with contaminated hands.
  • Contaminated hands of infected people can transfer the virus directly to others (e.g. handshakes) or on to hand contact surfaces which can be picked up by other people’s hands and transferred to their eyes, nose or mouth


The main controls are:

  • Disinfecting hand contact surfaces
  • Hand washing and hand sanitiser use at key moments
  • Not touching eyes, mouth or nose with contaminated fingers




We have installed Radiana non-thermal ionisation ‘cubes’ in every bedroom, ground floor areas and kitchens.  This ensures sanitisation of the air and surfaces by eliminating bacteria, viruses, pollutants, mould and odours.


The individual air conditioning units in bedrooms have been modified to produce bacteria-free air.


We have installed 2 new air purifiers - hospital standard - 99.9% effective


Hand Hygiene


There will be hand sanitiser stations for guests throughout the hotel and grounds. Guests will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival.


All staff have been trained on hand washing and hand sanitising technique.  There are sanitisers in key areas for the staff which we will regularly reinforce.


All staff have been trained on:

  • maintaining hand hygiene
  • cough and sneezing etiquette


All staff will always sanitise hands before key actions:

  • arrival at work
  • mis en place
  • serving food and drinks


All staff will always sanitise hands after key actions:

  • taking cash payments
  • handling guests’ luggage
  • clearing tables
  • leaving work


Contact Surfaces


We have applied the following mitigations:

  • regular cleaning of all touch contact points and objects
  • tables and chairs will be cleaned down after each use
  • regular cleaning of toilets